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Corry’s Crescent

A timber merchant named Robert Corry built the grand terraces. Enthralled by the very building he was constructing, Corry himself took up residence at 16 Upper Crescent. It is said that for the first years of existence, ‘Corry’s Crescent’ was the nickname adopted by those living in the surrounding area.


Belfast’s Most Elite

The early inhabitants of the townhouses were some of Belfast’s most elite citizens, most of whom had relocated from the city centre. One on the most notable early inhabitants was Sir Robert Boag, the former mayor of Belfast and owner of the Albion Clothing Company, who lived in Number 12. James Greene, the 1st Clerk, Custom House, resided in Number 11 around the same time.


Crescent Private Nursing Home

Number 11 remained a residential property playing host to various occupants, however, Number 12 was converted to the Crescent Private Nursing home.


Magnificent Private Homes

By 1930, Number 12 was once again a private residence, hosting Miss Mabel Simms, who stayed there until at least  1960. In number 11, Mr Thomas Bell and his wife lived from the mid 1920s until they both died in 1966.


Commercial Tenants

Both buildings were converted to office spaces by the 1970s and sadly, many of the original features were lost.



Having gone through various commercial tenants, both building were eventually left empty and began to fall in to dereliction.


The Renovation Journey

Found in a state of disheartening ruin, our mission to restore The Regency to its former glory was a true labour of love.

The restoration journey to bring this incredible venue back to former glory was founded by the owners of Aurient Ltd – husband and wife team Anthony and Andrea Kieran together with their business partner Cecil Hetherington. With their offices a short walk away, Upper Crescent had always been an area of personal interest; Anthony would often walk through The Crescent Park to and from meetings, or take his lunch break in the park, overlooked by the grand terraces.

Both Andrea and Anthony would frequently comment on how saddening it was to see such amazing feats of Georgian architecture be left derelict and unloved. When an opportunity arose to purchase the buildings, the team took on their first ever restoration project.


A Timeless Masterpiece

Over the course of two years, Northern Ireland’s most talented craftspeople were enlisted to transform the neglected buildings back to life. Original features were saved and restored where possible. The interior was painstakingly designed to pay tribute to the building’s magnificent history whilst never compromising on comfort and luxury. Bespoke pieces of furniture and art were lovingly sourced to add a sense of uniqueness to every residence.

The Regency has been designed with passion, care, and reverence, to provide an experience like no other.

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